Episode 051: Learning How To Capture The Moment Of Your Truest Gay Self – Jeffrey Shaw

Sometimes the patterns in our life become unconsciously repeatable. Then, one day we wake up we’re ready for our true close-up!

Today’s guest knows exactly what it means to focus in on the close-up, the close-up of ones life, so that you can capture just the right moment to finally break the pattern and step into the perfect light.

Through two marriages to two different women, he finally realized he was somewhat trapped in the closet of his own personal development…and sexuality. It was kind of a dark room of a different nature for this photographer to the rich and famous. It was a dark room that finally became over developed and he just had to break free and finally come out to himself first so he could come out to everyone else, in his own way.

From waspy straight guy to Just Jeffrey, Jeffrey Shaw has emerged truly into himself as a well-known photographer, talented business coach, and creative podcaster…oh, and he just happens to be gay.

Show Highlights

  • There’s a difference between lying and hiding
  • Discover what hug experiences have to do with dating and coming out…yes HUG EXPERIENCES!
  • He needed a soul-centered person in his life for this one purpose
  • Learn why he thinks same-sex relationships should be embraced
  • Authenticity is not something you find but something you let be uncovered

About Jeffrey

Jeffrey is a business coach, host of Creative Warriors podcast, speaker, and photographer. He works with service-based professionals who are in business marketing themselves and their talents. Jeffrey’s core message is when an entrepreneur is marketing themselves, they must have a clear direction, know what they stand for, develop a unique branding message and effectively communicate it.

Jeffrey began his career as a highly-sought after portrait photographer for an exclusive clientele. His portraits have appeared on The Oprah Show, CBS
News, and in “O” magazine, People Magazine, and New York Family Magazine.

His writings appear in the Huffington Post and various business journals such as Professional Photographers of America. Jeffrey’s podcast, Creative Warriors, inspires, motivates and educates creative entrepreneurs through interviews with best-selling authors, business leaders and change-makers.

Equal parts creative thinker and successful business owner, he is frequently described as “inwardly aware and outwardly practical.” His insights are
thought provoking; frequently turning conventional wisdom “upside down” to offer a way to develop a sustainable business that is both profitable and on purpose.

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