Episode 053: Get In Tune and Tone Your Coming Out Om – Mary Anne Flanagan

What if coming out were simply a means to the end of nurturing body, spirit, and heart connections, within yourself and others? Would it seem worth it then? Of course it would, if you realized that doing this kind of work is about toning yourself spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically.

This week, on The Coming Out Lounge, we’ve called in the big guns to help us in Toning our OM. Shamanic healer, spirit circle leader, retreat facilitator and life coach Mary Anne Flanagan joins us today on the Coming Out Lounge with her own powerful twist of Toning The Om.

Through her guidance and insights, we hope to help you find a beautiful new way to follow your own Cosmic Heart and embrace the tone of your om!

Show Highlights

  • Discover what musical instrument opened her heart to get past the grief of losing her mother
  • Tweetable: Consider the circles you’re in, but don’t be afraid to be in other circles to be heard
  • Wise wisdom to think upon – once you get to really know a person, you know a person

Connect With Mary Anne

Mary Anne Flanagan is the creator of Toning the OM™ and is an international teacher, facilitator, shamanic healer, and sought-after speaker whose unique spiritual journeys, spiritual workshops, and heart-centered classes on meditation and mindfulness are taught around the world. She has taught in Egypt, Peru, and Hawaii as well as her home state of New York. Mary Anne is a Certified Life Coach from New York University and received a Certificate in Coaching in Medicine and Leadership from Harvard University. She has a private healing and coaching practice in New York City and New Rochelle, NY. Mary Anne is most known for working with the rogue meditator and teaching in beautiful places.

Her next week-long retreat is in the Virgin Islands in April 2016. When not teaching or traveling, Mary Anne is giving free essential oil classes to enhance the well-being of everyone she meets.









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