Episode 054: How To Have and Sustain A Gay Life Orgasm – Frank Macri

Get naked. Go deeper. Get kinky.

Whether in the sheets or the streets, these words of wisdom can motivate us all to live with joy and fulfillment. It’s in these fired up moments where we have a LIFE ORGASM.

So why not step out of the closet and into your truest life orgasm. Joining me today on The Coming Out Lounge is founder of The Frank Life and author of Life Orgasm…a brilliant book designed to pop your cherry and give you a life orgasm that never stops.

LIFE ORGASM is the feeling you get when your spiritual libido is fully charged. It’s when you want to moan with excitement about how incredible life is. Maybe you don’t know what it’s like to be fully alive, rather than just exist. Maybe what you’re craving on the inside isn’t aligned with what’s happening on the outside…just like coming out of the closet!

Before you step out of the closet, only to become the next 20, 30, 40, 50- year old virgin who’s not fully living your own version of a life orgasm, we thought we’d get the foreplay started right here, today, on the coming out lounge!

Show Highlights

  •  Learn how to detach yourself from the sexuality of being gay so you can discover who you really are
  • Uncover what the difference is between inspiration and obligation in an orgasm
  • What do finding the hole, penetration have to do with confidence
  • Does the playroom of your life look like Christian Grey’s from 50 Shades?

About Frank

Frank Macri is a Career Coach who gets Millennials out of crappy jobs and into fulfilling career paths. He is also the author of Life Orgasm, a provocative guide for 20-somethings figuring out what to do with their lives.

After graduating magna cum laude with degrees in psychology (B.A) and communication (B.S.) from Boston University, Frank spent a year teaching English in China and traveling throughout southeast Asia. He then went on to become a Certified Professional Coach (CPC) and present seminars on leadership and career development in the United States and Canada.

Frank has now returned to Asia to coach, teach and travel. He uploads weekly videos documenting his adventures abroad on his YouTube channel.

His first book, Life Orgasm, will be released late 2015. To find out about giveaways and promotions during the release, sign-up for e-mail updates at www.TheFrankLife.com. Also, he posts weekly videos where I share clips of his own life orgasm. To check them out, “Frank Macri” on YouTube.









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