Episode 057: Navigating Change – Inside Out and Outside In – Dillan DiGiovanni

To become whole, even in our sexuality and sexual orientation, it may take some work. In fact it does take work. More times than not, it means doing a little work on yourself from the inside out and the outside in simultaneously. But, how do you do that and maintain balance, sanity, and sense of peace and joy in your life?

To answer that question, I’ve solicited the help from a person who literally did an inside and outside job on himself to finally strike a balance in his life.
Dillan DiGiovanni is a person…a trans person…who finally pulled some of his own Karate Kid moves in his life to be the person he was always meant to be. By becoming a health coach and having a health coach, himself, helped him make the transition. It was internal and external changes that led up to that next big change for him in his life.

Today’s show is truly about helping people to understand the struggles that our Transgender brother’s and sister’s face. The Transgender movement is afoot, but that doesn’t mean it is completely understood. Thus the reason, The Coming Out Lounge is exploring and bringing into focus, the life and times of Transgender men and women. Some of what you might hear today, will be shocking and eye opening. So please, tune your listening ears and and open your hearts wide as we travel through just a glimpse of life as a Transgender person.

Show Highlights

  • There’s a lot of misconceptions and misinterpretations of what it means to be a person in this day and age!
  • Pronoun misuse is still norm for this man.
  • It was the feeling of being successful in his business that drove him to see he was out of integrity with himself
  • Learn how he battled his own anger to accept life and people as they are, without letting them stop him from achieving everything he wanted
  • Lean into your anger and learn what it is trying to tell you.

Connect With Dillan

Dillan DiGiovanni is a certified teacher, integrative health coach and consultant. He shares innovative programs to help people and companies thrive with better work/life balance and communication. Dillan helps people choose change for sustainable health and happiness. He received his Bachelor’s degree in Education from The College of New Jersey and his Master’s degree in Education with a specialization in Leadership, Wellness and Cultural Change from Lesley University. Dillan is originally from New Jersey but is currently living the dream in Somerville, MA. His favorite movie of all time is the Karate Kid and he enjoys coffee, bacon and green smoothies.





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