Episode 059: Chase What Matters – Denise Logan

Instead of calling it coming out, let’s start calling it Chasing What Matters. You know the stuff that matters most for you like, living your truth, being fully present in your sexual orientation, feeling free, and loving yourself.

That’s why this week I’ve brought in the Sparkle Fairy to the Coming Out Lounge. She’s a dynamic woman who helps people focus on what matters most – from non-profits and corporations to individuals going through life’s challenges. She has a unique way of bringing powerful, original ideas and unconventional views into focus in a no-nonsense, down-to-earth, and hilarious manner so that people can grow into their own sparkle and to Chase What Matters Most!

Show Highlights

  • Find out how to drill down to the answer…What do you do?
  • Learn how to overcome the sting of rejection
  • People who volunteer one hour of service a month have great joy in their life
  • The skills of empathy practiced in volunteering are the same skills that need to be given back to ourselves
  • Discover some small ways to come out, before you come out

Connect With Denise

As the founder of Chase What Matters, Denise Logan has been revolutionizing how corporations & nonprofits partner on issues that matter to their stakeholders, employees & customers. Using meaningful, potent service experiences that engage the hearts, minds and hands of volunteers, she helps organizations stem the churn of donors. She connects you with the people who care about your mission right where they are in ways they’ll NEVER forget, creating emotionally invested long-term partners poised to act on the causes that move them the most.

Denise was born with a heart of service and is passionate about giving back. You will find that she is an unrelenting advocate for doing work that matters.

The people close to Denise know her as The Sparkle Fairy! She always brings a river of powerful, original ideas and unconventional views through a no-nonsense, down-to-earth, and often hilarious delivery. Attendees at her workshops have said that meeting

Denise quite literally changed their lives on the spot. Her expertise has been valued by audiences including top business schools, the Women’s Association of Venture and Equity, the Family Motor Coach Association, Community Associations Institute, the Capital Roundtable and the American Bar Association.







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