Episode 062: How To Have A Balanced Lesbian Life – Kerri R. Smith-Osei

The closet door opened. You walked through. Faced your demons as well as the naysayers and you’re now living your out and proud lesbian life. At least that’s the hope. Yet, for some reason, things aren’t quite working out the way you thought.

You’ve got a great career going on, a gal by your side, and for all intents and purposes YOU’VE GOT IT GOING ON GIRLFRIEND! But wait. What’s that little quite voice inside saying? You feel confused, frustrated, unfulfilled? Got it! It’s hard to be human, let alone be a woman, and on top of that be a lesbian. Up until now!

Coach Kerri R. Smith-Osei grabs a seat with us today in The Coming Out Lounge to dole out awesome advice about how to find balance in this world as a lesbian. We’re going to do some taboo talking – bringing up those things that women are afraid to talk about – so that you can start to feel more aligned, intentional, and authentic in your lesbian self. And, we’re going to give you some helpful tips for asking for what you need without feeling ashamed.

Love, careers, relationships, and personal self-care are all up for grabs for this gurl chat!

Show Highlights

  • Uncover what one of the biggest challenges Lesbians face in relationships
  • Learn the three things necessary to have a thriving Lesbian relationship
  • “When you understand your own stigma towards the gay world you let go of your own homophobia”
  • Most Lesbians feel the pain of this disappointment at a deep level – killing Mom’s dream
  • What goes hand-in-hand with women when coming out of the closet?

Connect With Kerri

Coach Kerri is a Certified LGBT Life Coach, Certified Law of Attraction Coach, a LGBT Relationship Coach, Wedding Officiant, Transformational Speaker and Sensitivity Trainer, Mentor, Author and Radio Show Host. She is fiercely committed to transforming the lives of women in the LGBT community (including female allies). Offering Elite LIFESTYLE & RELATIONSHIP coaching that is RESULTS-DRIVEN and AUTHENTIC, she teaches LGBT identified women how to design a life they love step by step. Coach Kerri is an expert in her field and has been featured in Curve magazine for her work in the LGBT community. For almost a decade, she has been teaching women how to manifest a renewed passion for LIVING life with no regrets by creating a genuine work/life balance, FINANCIAL FREEDOM, increased self-love, healthier relationships and friendships. For more information, visit www.IamCoachKerri.com






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