Episode 064: The Perfection & Imperfection of Being Gay – Katie Peuvrelle

Perfection. The pursuit of it can drive you mad, until you realize, as Mary Poppins would say, “You’re practically perfect in every way!” You are, you truly are perfect, divine, and whole – you just might not realize it.

Today we’re going to explore the pursuit of perfection – the ups, and downs. There will never be a perfect time, to be the perfect person, coming out of the closet. Nor will you ever be the perfect homosexual…until you realize you are perfect and on the perfect path for your journey here on planet earth.

Joining me today on The Coming Out Lounge Podcast is a dear friend, and powerful Coach who’s been in the perfect spotlight and learned at thing or two about being perfectly imperfect. Katie Peuvrelle has a knack for helping high performers come to terms with their pursuit of perfection. From the board room to the playing field, Katie’s worked with high performers to guide them to the playground of being peacefully perfect in their own right.

Today Katie and I will explore the beliefs that surround each of us as humans, but especially as closet dwellers, that keep us from stepping into life and being content with out the control of perfection.

Show Highlights

  • Not being yourself is painful as a perfectionist
  • Learn how to hear yourself without judgement
  • Chose to be the role you play vs. being the role you’re meant to play
  • The perfect life was not meant to be a square peg in a round hole
  • Peacefully perfect is easier to achieve than perfection

Connect With Katie

Katie Peuvrelle helps high performers transcend perfection, redefine excellence, and live in their potential.  A performance psychology expert, coach, speaker, and author, she holds a Master’s degree in Health Psychology from Stanford University. She inspires and ignites the minds and hearts of professional athletes and Hollywood directors to stressed-out executives and High School students in the Silicon Valley. A daily meditator, Katie seriously loves making a difference, her way.



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