Episode 067: Love Your Gay Life From The Inside Out – Ann Peck

Today were going to do some straight talking. No, were not going to try to turn you into a heterosexual. No, no, no. That’s just not how I roll. What my guest and I want to do today is to have some Straight Talk for a Curvy World – you know talk about those things that we don’t like to talk about…the messy stuff…like coming out, cheating spouses, bank accounts drained, you know that sort of stuff. Why? Because if you don’t talk straight about the messy stuff in this crazy, curvy world we live in, then you’re avoiding a lot of truths and missing out on some great lessons that will serve you well.

My guest today is a beautiful woman, from the inside out. She’s the host of the Straight Talk for a Curvy World podcast, a phenomenal story teller and speaker, who challenges people from all walks of life to LOVE THEIR LIVES FROM THE INSIDE OUT.

She’s been featured in Silence Speaks, Stories of Survival, and wrote and starred in the short film Journey of abuse. She’s a writer, women’s empowerment leader, and the creator of I Am Habits.

Show Highlights

  • What she couldn’t do, her daughter did by calling 911
  • Circumstances continue to show up so that you can be validated
  • One truth: We never really arrive
  • You have to learn to be a full participant to be your best self
  • If you want to grow, you gotta do the hard work

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