Episode 073: If You Can’t Trust the Law with Your Transgender Life, Who Can You Trust? – Julian Kelly


I want you to imagine the following scenario. You’re happily married. You really love your spouse. You do beautiful work in advocacy for marriage equality and your husband is chef. Between the two of you, you have three beautiful children that also share time with your husband’s ex-spouse. However, there’s a story hiding in the closet. A story that is putting your children, and their well-being, at risk. It stems from a divorce that’s gone wrong and going awry each and every moment that ticks by, but there’s something else hidden in this story that needs to come out of the closet and out of the closet fast. Here to share her coming out story, one that is unfolding right now as we’re on the air, is Julian Kelly. We talk about how court orders don’t always mean you get what’s needed to be a good parent.

Show Highlights

  • The importance of someone’s “essence”, particular when the individual is transgender
  • LGBTQ parents can allow their kids to speak freely, while reminding them to be safe
  • Even today, why does someone have to legitimize his or her relationship to others?
  • In 2016, how can someone have equality on paper, but not in practice?
  • All families, even transgender, NEED to be protected

How to Support Julian:

If you would like to support Julian and her family in their fight, the Ohio Attorney General’s office can be reached by phone at (614)-466-4986, or by visiting this website.



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