Episode 076: He, She, Her, Him, They, Them, Queer, Gay, Lesbian…and All That Jazz – Jeffrey Marsh


076_ShowImage_JeffreyMarshHello Closet Busters. It’s time once again to stop your closet dwelling…to step out, step up and step in to living your truth. But what if that truth meant…lots and lots and lots of questions and people not really getting you. We’re not talking them not getting you because you’re gay, we’re talking people not getting you because you’re QUEER! But what the hell does that mean exactly?

It used to be a derogatory word thrown about for those of us who were fairies, dykes, light in the pants…you know FAGS. But suddenly it’s becoming cool to be QUEER. And as a queer man myself, I thought it would be appropriate to get a little help from one of my newest QUEER friends to sort out what it means to be QUEER in 2016 and BEYOND. Oh I love that, I just felt like Buzz Lightyear. Anyway to help us deconstruct the world of Queerdom is Vine superstar, LGBT advocate, MTV & Logo Red Carpet Correspondent, the one the only Jeffrey Marsh.

Show Highlights

  • Using THEY as a singular pronoun? They, him, he…
  • When creating content, @TheJeffreyMarsh does it for their 11-year old self
  • Jeffrey made a promise to always keep – learn what it is
  • Being a “reference point” for young people is part of the mission…
  • What is the best advice that Jeffrey could give to their past self?

Connect With Jeffrey Marsh

LGBT advocate, host and author Jeffrey Marsh has over a quarter BILLION views across social media. As the creator of the global trends #DontSayThatsSoGay and #NoTimeToHateMyself, Jeffrey has earned spots on Top Viner lists by both Buzzfeed and Vine with a positive, inclusive message. In 2015, Jeffrey was named Official Red Carpet Correspondent for both MTV/LOGO and GLSEN, and as a featured writer for Huffington Post and Medium. Jeffrey is a Precepted Facilitator in the Soto Zen tradition of Buddhism, as well as a host, actor, singer, songwriter, dancer and comedian. In 2016, Penguin/Random House will publish Jeffrey’s first book, ‘How To Be You.’




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