Episode 077: Truth Being Told – Doyle Smiens

077_ShowImage_DoyleSmiens_033016Today we’re going to do something, well, pretty simple. We’re going to have a simple conversation about Truth Being Told…because truth rocks.

It’s been awhile since we’ve had a raw conversation about coming out, being married, and having kids. But that’s where we’re headed today.

Joining me is Doyle Smiens. A father, husband, and a late bloomer. For years he held space for everyone else to be happy until he could no longer do it. But what was the hold? What was the trigger that made him finally come out to live his Truth Be Told?

Show Highlights

  • The exhausting toll managing your emotions can have on you, and what waits for you on the other side…
  • The one reason why Doyle is feeling better now than he did 10 years ago…
  • How reaching out to someone you can trust can literally save your life
  • The ONE piece of advice that will help you live more powerfully
  • Why Doyle says he’s been working on his 1-man show all of his life!

Connect With Doyle Smiens

Doyle Smiens grew up in Iowa, where he attended college. His senior year of college he got married, and he and his wife lived in Iowa for 10 years before moving to British Columbia, Canada. Their divorce ended a 27-year marriage, in which they have two children and 5 grandchildren. Doyle worked as private school teacher (English, Speech and Theater) for five years before spending 20 years as a private school administrator. In June of 2013, he left education and has spent the two years pursuing his interests in writing and theater. Doyle is currently working on a 90-minute one-man show he will be performing in 2016.


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