Episode 078: Balancing Being Gay and Being In Your Career – Scott Graham

078_EditedImage_ScottGraham_040616So let’s talk about that closet thing in a slightly different way. I’m sure many of you have thought about it but haven’t completely processed how coming out is going to play out at work or in your career. That’s ok. Take your time and address each thing as it comes up. But since we’re on the subject, let’s chat a little bit about coming out, careers and staying balanced.

To help me sort this all out today is a cool guy, yes he happens to be gay, and man does he have a lot going on in his life. From being a volunteer firerighter and EMT to raising donkeys, chickens, guinea fowl, and potbellied pigs on he and his husband’s farm, Scott Graham has found the way to keep his career and life all in balance while only working 8 months a year. Oh, and by the way he’s also an avid meditator, Tough Mudder and Warrior Dash obstacle course competitor, so don’t mess around with this peaceful warrior…

Show Highlights

  • Before coming out, Scott admits to harassing gay people. Hear how he made amends to those he hurt!
  • Knowing your values is so important. You always need to start there.
  • Coming out was a starting point, but led to so many changes in life for this man
  • Scott says gay people are blessed with the opportunity to come out
  • Peer friendships can be more than just getting laid…

Connect With Scott Graham

When Scott Graham is not earning money as a business coach, he is volunteering as a firefighter / EMT or getting electrocuted and covered in mud on obstacle courses like the Tough Mudder and Warrior Dash. Ten-days of complete silence on Vipassana courses, which he does twice each year, helps Scott keep his “head screwed on straight and staybalanced and equanimous”.   In addition, Scott, and his spouse of 27 years Brian, take care of alpacas, sheep, donkeys, chickens, guineafow, potbellied pigs and three dogs on their 107 acre farm, run races together and manage their restaurant / night club. When he has time from all this other stuff, Scott focuses on writing; having published five books. Currently Scott is working on his next three books: one about the GR20, one about Vipassana meditation and one about growing Good King Henry. He squeezes this into 8 months a year because the rest of the time he is on vacation.





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