Episode 079: Frankly My Dear, I'm Just Me!

073_ShowPageImage_RIckClemonsIn this special episode of The Coming Out Lounge, the script gets switched as I’m interviewed by my friend, Joel Barrett, of Joel Speaks Out. We talk about my new book, Frankly My Dear, I’m Gay., and the importance of why, even later in life it is so important to step out to be your most authentic self – regardless of your sexual orientation. During this episode you’ll discover the purpose behind the book, some deep truths about who I am as gay man that helped me, and will hopefully help you, confidently own your brilliance in the world as an LGBTQ individual.

Part memoir, part self-help, Frankly My Dear, I’m Gay takes readers on a light-hearted, poignant, humorous, and multi-faceted, and experiential journey out of the closet.

The book isn’t just about my journey, even though it has and continues to be quite a journey. Not only did I want to share my story, but, I wanted it to give people the tools to work with in their own lives, while on their own path to coming out to live their most authentic lives. Not only will it help you, but, the book provides much better insight to spouses, family and the important people in your life to also thrive on the coming out journey they now find themselves on as well.

Let’s be honest…we all know someone, maybe even you, who’s struggled, or is struggling with coming out of the closet. It’s no easy task, especially when you feel like you’re late to the party. So it’s time to put the brakes on LATE and come out with it already!

Show Highlights

  • I put the stake in the ground and said…Frankly My Dear, I’m Gay
  • This book isn’t just about my journey – it’s about giving people tools
  • ANYONE can get something from this book
  • Why do we stay in the closet?
  • Being involved in others’ journeys sheds light on your own

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