Episode 083: Accepting Your Gay Self, Your Story, and Owning it – Ray Hippolyte

084_ShowImage_RayHippolyteMost of us, love a good story. In fact, most of us, love to create stories…you know the ones that sometimes get us in trouble. Stories that cause us to believe we can’t, shouldn’t, and aren’t supposed to be who we are. But what does that do for us living authentically in the world? Well, I’m glad I proposed that question. Today, with the help of my friend and fellow coach, Ray Hippolyte, we’re going to take you on a raynewvation to step fully into owning your story, accepting your LBGTQ self, so that you can attract everything you want in life…including the right soul mate. So why Ray? Well first of all because he’s one handsome man from Haiti. But his looks are only matched by his abilities as a professionally trained Health, Relationship and Extraordinary Coach, Ultra High Frequency Energy Healing Master, as well as a Peace Process Master.

Show Highlights

  • Gay people have been given a gift – find out what it is
  • HIV is not only part of Ray’s story, it’s a part of him
  • Negative thoughts CAN be transformed into something supportive
  • In order for a belief to be a belief, what has to happen?
  • If you don’t feel good about your relationship with yourself, do something about it!

Connect with Ray Hippolyte

084_FreeBookArt_RayHippolyteRay Hippolyte helps highly achieving professionals and individuals in the LGBT community who want to live a more fulfilled lives, by helping them create passionate authentic relationships and more meaningful success throughout every area of their lives.







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