Episode 084: Too Gay To Be Straight & Vice Versa – Joleen Emery

084_ShowImage_JoleenEmeryEver feel like you don’t fit the mold? Wonder how you’re going to fit into that box the world’s told you to step into? Yeah…it sucks. Doesn’t matter if you’re not gay enough or too gay. Not man enough or woman enough. You just can’t seem to find your place to say…”Ah, I fit in!” Well that’s all about to change as my guest Joleen Emery, mother of a gay son and LGBTQ advocate helps us sort out our own closet stories to just be content with who we are, in our own way, regardless of whether we’re to gay or not gay enough.

Show Highlights

  • When her own son came out as being gay, she saw uniqueness & possibilities
  • Her son didn’t ask to be gay – it was chosen for him
  • She’s now a VOCAL, not silent, advocate for the LGBTQ community
  • Let’s talk acceptance, not just tolerance…
  • Coming out stories are important, and need to be heard!

Connect with Joleen Emery

Joleen has been an LGBTQ advocate and ally since she was a dorm advisor in 1989 and planned her first diversity event, Lesbians in the Lounge.  Since that time, Joleen has presented LGBTQ diversity workshops for higher education, corporate conferences, and private business.  She is the author of the soon-to-be released book, Too Gay to Be Straight, Too Straight to Be Gay: Raising My Child Who Doesn’t Fit the Stereotype. Joleen is the creator and host of The Closet Stories Podcast, a unique new show that serves as a platform for members of the LGBTQ community to share their coming-out stories. Joleen’s hope is that these stories reach those who could benefit most from hearing them, especially when they are alone in their quiet spaces and might find comfort from a story, a voice, and a commonality that speaks directly to their heart.





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