Episode 086: Shift Your Gay Life & Beliefs With One Simple Tool – Josh Becker

086_ShowImage_JoshBecker_060116Instead of talking about just living our truth, today I want to focus on being more self-reliant, self-loving, self-aware, and mindful. Why? Without these abilities, and exercising those muscles to become more self-reliant, self-loving, self-aware, and mindful, you’ll be fighting a steeper uphill battle to change your beliefs about who you are as a LGBTQ individual. In fact, you spend years, countless hours of stress and worry when all you need to do is tap into one simply tool to help you make the shifts of your life to be simply who you are…a person who owns, lives and breathes the essence of just being…I am. To help me unwrap this awesome cool tool for making a monumental shift, is a buddy of mine, a soul brother, a man among men, who’s not afraid to let people see a grown man cry or to wear his heart on his sleeve – Josh Becker.

Show Highlights

  • Is self-love a feeling? This could confuse most of us!
  • According to Josh, this one tool will shift your gay beliefs…
  • Not only has he become very aware of who he is – he now knows who he isn’t
  • Standing in your own power is very powerful
  • Not every coming out path is a beautiful experience

Connect with Josh Becker

Josh Becker is an Author and Speaker in the field of self-reliance and personal development. He has created numerous online audio and video programs, and has been interviewed on radio and print. Josh has been recording a weekly podcast on iTunes that has reached hundreds of thousands of people in more than 150 countries around the world. His messages of self-reliance are explained in very practical ways through the areas of self-love, self-awareness, and mindfulness.





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