Episode 087: My Transgender Life – Christine Roy

087_ShowImage_ChristineRoy_060816I want you to take a journey with me. A journey where the truth of who you are is as follows. You’ve never been married. You’re an avid motorcyclist who’s traveled from the Pacific Coast all the way to the Great Lakes. You love your cats, attending church, cooking and you even had the thrilling opportunity to be an extra on the hit TV show Glee. Yet, through all of this great stuff, that pebble in the shoe so to speak just kept bugging you and you were trying to get the real you out to show up in life so you could be exactly who you’ve always been. However, what you realized is just like a kid who dreams of being a major league baseball player, in order to make that dream come true you’ve got to have talent and drive to make it happen. For you, to be who you are was necessarily a talent thing, but it was certainly going to take some drive. Today, my guest is a beautiful, transparent, open human being who I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know as we both speak on PFLAG panels at colleges and universities throughout Southern California together. She’s a joy to listen to, and her coming out story, while challenging has not been all doom and gloom. I attribute her smoother than normal journey to her being a lovely spirit and soul who just happened to be trapped in a human form that truly wasn’t the form she was meant to be. Welcome to the podcast my friend Christine Roy.

Show Highlights

  • “Machismo” kept Christine and others “in line” so they didn’t become girls
  • She had a big fear, and it’s a common one. Losing her family…
  • The journey really starts when you come out as who you are
  • Pre-transition, Chrisine used to deal with things by closing others off, but not now
  • How did therapy help give her the confidence to be open and transgender?

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