Episode 088: It’s all about Fair Play In The LGBTQ Game Of Sports – Cyd Zeigler

088_CydZeigler_ShowImage_061516Let’s play ball. Or hockey, ice skate, run track, do gymnastics, or any other sport…but if your LGBT, let’s don’t ask don’t tell. Now that might sound weird in this day and age, but it’s not. While not as prevalent as it used to be hide your truth on the playing field, courts, or rinks, it’s still an issue for many athletes. Today, we’re exploring the wide, wide world of sports, specifically the world of being LGBTQ in sports. And to help me sort this out and provide some home run scores for coming out in the sport of your choice is an awesome athlete and highly published journalist who also just happens to be the co-founder of OutSports.com. He’s written for Genre Magazine, New York Blade, Playboy, MSNBC, CNN, New York Press, Out Magazine, Sports Illustrated, Logo and the New York Times. And no stranger to commentating and facing the press he’s been seen on ESPN, Fox Sports Radio, CNN, and MSNBC and has been credited for breaking the news of John Amaechi, former NBA player’s coming out story. Please welcome to the podcast, author of the soon to be released book Fair
Play: How LGBT Athletes are Claiming Their Rightful Place in sports, Cyd Zeigler.

Show Highlights

  • Did sports and being gay always go together for Cyd?
  • There’s a belief that sports are all homophobic, but that’s just not the case…
  • The people who really have the power to change attitudes are the LGBTQ community
  • Hear why Cyd believes that homophobia will die in the US before racism does
  • There are things that league commissioners and team owners can do NOW to help LGBTQ players

Connect with Cyd Zeigler

Cyd Zeigler is one of the world’s foremost experts on LGBT issues in sports. Along with his Outsports cofounder Jim Buzinski, Zeigler has written more coming-out stories of LGBT people—in sports or any other arena—than any journalist in America. He also cofounded the Sports Equality Foundation, which helps fund the cycle of LGBT people coming out and being out in sports. He is a former high school athlete, still holding school track-and-field records twenty-five years later. A graduate of Stanford University, Zeigler lives in Los Angeles with his husband and two cats. Fair Play is his latest work.




Cyd’s upcoming book, Fair Play


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