Episode 090: Ready, set, action. The act of closet dwelling and coming out – Michael Schreiber

090_MichaelSchreiber_ShowImageWelcome to the Actors’ Studio…I’m just kidding, but not really. You see in life, hiding in the closet, it’s all an act. It’s a script we decide to run through, day after day, after day. It’s very similar to an actor’s life, and how they see themselves. Rehearse, rehearse, rehearse, yet often an actor doesn’t see their performance the same way the director, other cast members, or the audience does. Same holds true in hiding in the closet and coming out. How you perceive yourself is completely different than how others are seeing you. So let’s fix that and explore what it would be like to finally be yourself, your unique self, without separating each little piece of yourself from the other pieces of yourself. My guest today knows well what it’s like to believe you have to be one person in this part of your life and another person in other parts of your life. In fact, he’s just coming out…so to speak…to own his own uniqueness in the world working with artists and small business owners to help them align with who they are and what they love to do. Michael Schreiber is an actor, storyteller, film maker, nationally recognized apartment dweller, as well as an awesome life and business coach who’s helping other creative types own their unique space in the world…welcome Michael to The Coming Out Lounge!

Show Highlights

  • Coming out isn’t always about sexual orientation…
  • You NEED to look for support and get people in your corner!
  • How do you bring out the best in yourself?
  • Celebrating your differences will make you show up (and in a beautiful way)!
  • Alignment to personal values is so key to what Michael does – hear why.

Connect with Michael Schreiber

Michael Schreiber helps artists and small business owners align who they are and what they love with how they make money. He has found that the more he embraces and insists upon the creativity, viewpoints, skills and interests that make him unique, the more satisfied he is with his professional life. As a coach, he supports others to do the same and to do so profitably.

After graduating college, Michael immersed himself in the craft of storytelling as an actor and director in New York City. His creative pursuits led to an extensive study of business and personal development, producing a documentary film, and brief national recognition for living in one of NYC’s smallest apartments.

Also during this time, Michael was frequently asked to help others develop the confidence, technique and business acumen necessary to turn their talents into a career. Since embracing that role, he has spoken to or worked with over 40,000 people in settings that include one-on-one consulting, workshops, seminars and conventions.

Now based on the west coast, Michael’s practice has expanded into business development for a wide range of creative professionals, and his approach has evolved to include psychological, emotional, and spiritual aspects of growth an success.


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