Episode 091: Two Gay Guys Get Real About Life, Love and The Pursuit Of Authenticity – Edward Rivera

091_EwardRivera_ShowImage_070616Real talk. No fluff. And finding your truest calling…maybe even while being gay but not making it the focus of who you are, for yourself and the world.

Today we’re exploring what it’s like to be a guy, a gay guy, who keeps coming face-to-face with his destiny, but often finding it slipping away, only to return again, and again, and again. Yes it’s a wakeup call that keeps nudging you to “come out with it already.” Everything from pursuing your musical passions, admitting you’re a shy guy to, finally saying “I’m gay!”

Yup we’re going there today with a casual conversation with a friend of mine that I hooked up with at a networking event, and it wasn’t the kind of hookup you might think. Instead, it was a hookup of two spirits who found a way to dance into each other’s hearts and connect so that we could come to this place of exploring the truth of what it means to be gay men, from two different generations.

Show Highlights

  • If he’s going to hell, he says he’s going to do it right!
  • Being gay pulled Edward out of boxes that he didn’t believe in. Hear how….
  • You absolutely have to “come in” to your own coming out experience
  • If you prepare for the good stuff, blessings will happen
  • When he first accepted being gay, he says he cried…

Connect with Edward Rivera

Born in Northridge, California to Puertorican parents, Edward Rivera has been singing since he was child as has always loved music and the joy it brought to his life. He decided to pursue singing contemporary Christian music and recorded a demo when he was 18. After dropping out of business school,  he began singing and songwriting with different local DJ’s in Orlando and moved to Phoenix, AZ, deciding to pursue his music career. Edward created an artist name or a persona, Akani, which means “enemy” in Taino (indigenous tribe in Puerto Rico) and released an album and video for a single. By 2009, he decided again to go the “safe route” and went back to school to complete what he had started. Graduating with a Bachelor’s in Arts Degree in Psychology from Arizona State University, he worked a corporate job but music continued beckoning him. He joined a meetup titled “Shy Guys and Shy Gals” and began to sing with as the house band titled Sweet Musical Fusion performing cover songs, as well as doing songwriting. Edward finds himself resetting his story to what it should have been all along – loving music and singing. He has finally found the confidence and courage to pursue music later on in life. It is a passion that continues to resurface and this time he is heeding the call.





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