Episode 092: Masculinity, Vulnerability, and Sexuality…The Perfect Storm – Zachary Zane

092_ZacharyZane_ShowImage_071316Sometimes, well actually most of the time, the way to show up in the world is in the moment. That’s exactly how my guest and I met today. No we weren’t on some hook-up app, or cruising each other in a club. We were both putting our stuff out on the proverbial hookup site – Facebook – and someone shared his article on How To Meet Men IRL (not on Grindr) and low and behold, in the moment I reached out to this handsome guy and said, “Let’s hook up on my podcast and talk about all things masculine, vulnerable, and sexual.” And here we are. Zachary Zane is a modern day Carrie Bradshaw – you know from sex in the city – and he’s putting his sexuality, writing, and making his own mark in the city of Los Angeles as a writer an interesting perspective on all things any modern day male version of Carrie Bradshaw might be thinking! So grab yourself a cosmo and let’s go hang out in The Coming Out Lounge with my guest – Zachary Zane!

Show Highlights

  • Ever wonder how to meet men in real life? You’ll want to listen to this…
  • Zachary used to think he couldn’t explore without having a “label” of what he was
  • Hear why the bisexual voice is underrepresented in communities and the media
  • Sex is one of the LEAST important factors of being bisexual!
  • The confusion of wondering if he was gay or straight consumed Zachary

Connect with Zachary Zane

Zachary Zane is a modern day Carrie Bradshaw from Los Angeles. His writing focuses on (bi)sexuality, gender, identity politics, dating, and relationships. He’s currently a contributor at CosmopolitanBustlePRIDE, and Huffington Post Queer Voices. He’s working on a novel, which explores the modern relationship between masculinity, vulnerability, and sexuality.



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