Episode 096: Sex, Body Shame, Conversations, & Coming Out – Natalie Vartanian & Bob Schwenkler

096_ShowImage_BobNatalie_081716You’re out, dating, mating, or just hooking up. Things are going smooth, awful, or so, so. Yet the same broken wheel keeps rolling along. Maybe you’re having trouble with sex and intimacy. Or it could be problems with guilt, shame, or body issues. And of course who can forget the ever so popular – not communicating. Well let’s get a handle on all of this with Natalie Vartanian and Bob Schwenkler. They’re a powerful coaching couple ready to help you get your sexy groove on, start being more intimate, let go of shame, and talk it up in your relationships – before, during, and after, coming out of the closet.

Show Highlights

  • Resentment is just a pointer to something underlying
  • So many people don’t know what healthy love and sex looks like!
  • If you don’t take care of yourself, you’re no good to others
  • Your desires are not wrong (learn why you need to say goodbye to guilt & shame)
  • Communication is the foundation to a fulfilling sex life

Connect with Natalie Vartanian and Bob Schwenkler

Since joining forces as a power couple in 2015, Natalie and Bob have been the secret sexual weapon for successful men from all walks of life. They’ve helped former Army Sniper Instructors, Online Marketing Experts, and Corporate Airline Pilots from across 3 continents unlock the next level of joy and confidence in their sex lives and relationships.What makes their work extra special is that Natalie has been working exclusively with women around love, sex, and relationships for the past 6 years. She brings a wealth of insight and experience into what women want that’s been extraordinarily valuable for their clients who are men.

Get a free Coaching Session – 75 minutes for individuals, 90 minutes for couples – contact Bob and Natalie at hellow@natalieandbob.com


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