Episode 097: Being an “Out” Gay Actor is no Mulligan of Life – Charlie David

097_ShowImage_CharlieDavid_082416We’ve all heard about Hollywood’s dirty little secrets. Everything from who’s screwing who, to the latest face lifts and boob jobs. But the really dirty little secret that is starting to come out of the closet is “it’s ok to be gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender” in the entertainment business. But not all of Hollywood is closeted, and today’s guest is one of those exceptions. From VH1, BBC, NBC, OutTV and LOGO to shows like Dante’s Cove and Bump, and films like Mulligan’s and I’m a Porn Star: Gay4Pay, Charlie David has consciously been out of the closet in the entertainment industry, without remorse. But how to do you get this space within yourself to be unapologetic about who you are? That’s what we’re exploring today…behind and in front of the camera on The Coming Out Lounge.

Show Highlights

  • Not everyone in Hollywood is stuck in the closet…
  • Hear why Charlie says we have “internalized homophobia” going on
  • A love of storytelling led this guest to an amazing career in film
  • He jokes he would need a great looking pool boy in order to by married to a woman!
  • There is a new wave of acceptance in young people today around sexuality

Connect with Charlie David

Charlie David has been a host for E! Television, NBC, OutTV, LOGO, here! TV, Pink TV, EGO, Fine Living and Slice Networks on such shows as FYE!, SpyTV, Crash Test Mommy and his travel series Bump which shot over 100 episodes around the world and garnered a Hugo Television award. He has appeared as musical guest on VH1, BBC, CBS’s The Early Show, and dozens of radio shows.

In 2005 Out Magazine recognized Charlie in the ‘Out 100’ at their gala in New York. In 2007 the Philadelphia Film Society awarded Charlie with their Rising Star Award. In 2008 the Festival del Sol in Gran Canaria awarded their Best Male Actor Award to Charlie and the male cast of A Four Letter Word. Formerly in a rock band… okay, actually it was a boy band, Charlie opened for Destiny’s Child, Pink, Snoop Dogg, Rick Springfield and Black Eyed Peas.

A love of storytelling led Charlie to start Border2Border Entertainment Inc., a production company whose film and television credits include Mulligans, Judas Kiss, I’m a Stripper (series), Studlebrity, Balls, I’m a Porn Star, I’m a Porn Star: Gay4Pay and Positive Youth. Border2Border Entertainment’s films have been licensed to Showtime, Super Channel, HBO Canada, MTV/LOGO, Sundance Channel, Discovery Networks, The Movie Network, Movie Central, Hollywood Suite, hereTV, Encore Avenue, and OutTV in North America as well as finding a worldwide audience through international distribution partners.

He is a graduate of the Canadian College of Performing Arts and his current passions include travel, encounters with wildlife, SCUBA diving, mosaic tiling and podcasts. He resides in Toronto and Montréal, Canada when he’s not living out of a suitcase.




























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