Episode 098: Gay Man. Makeup Artist. Drag Perfomer. He’s just himself! – Gino Daniells

098_ShowImage_GinoDaniels_083116He knows who he is. He trusts himself. And he’s just fine…especially when he lets his inner diva and drag persona Capria Luchia out of the closet to play. But getting comfortable with himself took a little doing, and the loving support from his family who said…”You’re ok, we’re ok.”

Bright, intelligent, artistic, creative and effeminate, Gino Daniells embraces the gay man he is and doesn’t let anyone get in his way who doesn’t get him…because he doesn’t need them to GET HIM. He gets himself and that’s all that matters. But how did he get to that space? What had to change within himself? How did he finally learn to say, “This is me. Take it or leave?”

Today Gino, a.k.a Capria Luchia takes on his/her journey to learning to step into loving yourself to be yourself, no if and’s or but’s about it.

Show Highlights

  • There were stages of denial to deal with, but coming out wasn’t horrible
  • Ignorance is so unattractive to this guest
  • Drag queens face discrimination from gays too
  • A drag queen is a gay man with too much fashion sense for one gender!
  • Find out why he always wanted to be friends with all the pretty girls…

Connect with Gino Daniells

Gino Daniells, is 23 year old gay man, drag queen, make-up artist, and role model for those who are scared to be who they are and to express themselves. Born and raised in Southern California, he enjoys educating people outside of the LGBTQ community, along with some members within the community on certain ideals they may have towards a certain person or people.





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