Episode 100: Coming Out Is Sad (sometimes) and Funny (most the time) – Bruce Vilanch

100_ShowImage_BruceVilanchComing out can be challenging, joyous, a pain in the ass, and a downright giggle fest when you’ve got the right mindset and cocktails handy. So let’s get to the funny side of coming out with actor (occasionally an actress), writer (occasionally a re-writer), comedian (occasionally for money, often for causes) and sex surrogate (seasonal) Bruce Vilanch, and if you don’t find humor in what we’re talking about, then we’ll call forth his inner Edna Turblad to kick ya in the ass and give ya an updo with plenty of hairspray.

Show Highlights

  • There’s got to be humor in coming out (it all can’t be heavy)!
  • For the LGBTQ community to get and keep civil rights, we need to be visible
  • People are never going to get what they want by being in the closet…
  • When coming out, test the waters and you’ll find that there are friends there for you
  • Your approach in coming out will determine how others will react

Connect with Bruce Vilanch

Bruce Vilanch has co-authored twenty-three Academy Award spectacles, winning two writing Emmys in the process (almost as good a nominee/win ratio as Meryl Streep’s).  He has also been nominated for seven other Emmys — one of them was for his participation on the celebrity panel of HOLLYWOOD SQUARES, where he resided for six years just to the left of Whoopi on your screen.

For two years he starred on Broadway and on the road in the musical HAIRSPRAY, as well as starring in his own one-man show prior to that experience. He is a well-known provider of comic material for stage and television, and has appeared himself countless times on multiple shows. In addition, he is a lyricist scoring gold and platinum records for disco songs he wrote for Eartha Kitt and Village People.



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