Episode 103: Only Say The Words: Gay & Catholic – Scott Pomfret

102_ShowImage_ScottPomfret_092816For many of us, our faith and our sexuality are the two things that kept us in the closet because they didn’t know how to play nicely in the sandbox of life. Then, often by some fate of chance, the novels of our lives unfold…no longer being fiction…because we chose to finally say the words – “I’m Gay!” Author and novelist Scott Pomfret has found a beautiful way to bridge the two worlds of sexuality and faith in his latest novel – Only Say The Word by NineStar Press Ltd.

Show Highlights

  • There’s a “chasm of isolation” and you need someone to help you across it
  • People loving him without judgment has moved Scott forward in his journey
  • For this guest, it’s simple: Be out and proud!
  • Coming out happens again and again, not just once…
  • Coming out isn’t sad and there is A LOT to celebrate

Connect with Scott Pomfret

Scott Pomfret is a gay writer who focuses on gay Catholic issues (Since My Last Confession: A Gay Catholic Memoir) and gay romance (forthcoming novel The Second Half: A Gay American Football Novel and the Romentics series of gay romances). On May 16, his publisher NineStar Press will publish Only Say the Word, a novel that is a fusion of the two.




Page Turner: A Gay American Football Story

A New Romance



































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