Episode 108: Religion, Coming Out, and Therapy – Tyler Rich

IMG_54581Imagine having the support to draw boundaries. The kind of boundaries that say, “I love you, respect you, but you don’t get to abuse me in this manner any longer!” Powerful, right?

Now imagine, really understanding why some people exercise their religious freedom to box you in. Everything from uneducated homophobia shame, to “My God I’m going to hell if I don’t try to save your homophobic sinning ass,” are the reasons some hide behind their faith to try to get the LGBT community to change who we are…even though we can’t change, who we are!

To help dissect this roller coaster of emotions, we’re going head-to-head…actually collaborating today…with Tyler Rich, marriage and family therapist specializing LGBT issues regarding religious acceptance. You get the therapist and life coach perspectives on religion and coming out…it’s the perfect toolkit for you when it’s your time to step into the spotlight of coming out. All you need is a little faith and two smart guys to get you through it.

Show Highlights

  • Homelessness is driven from the lack of acceptance
  • Why do parents really struggle with a child coming out? Find out…
  • Hear why it’s OK to believe you can still be a Christian as well as being gay
  • Coming out is a rollercoaster of emotions & there are ways we cope
  • When you sacrifice your rights, you give others permission to mistreat you!

Connect with Tyler Rich

Tyler Rich is a Marriage and Family Therapist Student-Intern. He is passionate about helping clients find a richer life experience through personal growth. He focuses on building mental serenity, through helping clients develop new patterns of behavior while changing negative patterns of functioning.

Tyler has a passion to help change the world by helping strengthen families, and people work to find mental serenity. From the time he was in elementary school, he remembers being the person that his friends would come to with their problems. Entering college at UNLV he felt called to the ministry, but after taking counseling course work he discovered his passion for helping people through therapy, earning a bachelor’s degree in Human Service Counseling.

He is currently working towards his Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy at the University of Phoenix, while simultaneously fulfilling his internship requirements where he see clients under the direct supervision from a licensed marriage and family therapist.





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