Episode 116: Come Out and Be Outspoken – Jonathan Shuffield & Sergey Grankin

116_ShowImage_JonathanSergey_102816One of the things most of us don’t realize is when we come out of the closet, we just might spark a burning flame – and I don’t just mean our LGBTQ flame. The flame I’m talking about is the flame to have our own voice…a voice that maybe no one has ever heard us use before. And that’s part of what we’re going to be talking about today, is having our own voice, but we’re also going to just see where we go. Yes we’re free balling today, and if you’re free balling today to, then Hallelujah, because when you’re outspoken it takes balls to say what you need to say.

That’s why I’ve invited Jonathan Shuffield and Sergey Grankin to be on The Coming Out Lounge Today. There the hosts of Outspoken – talk radio that can be heard each and every Sunday at 12:00 p.m. Pacific on KYRS Radio out of Spokane, Washington. So let me tell you about these two awesome crazy, guys then we will dive right in and be OutSpoken!

Show Highlights

  • The LGBTQ community has made great strides, but we have a long way to go
  • Come out the way you want to come out…
  • With the media & politics, the way to control people is to keep them afraid
  • We can’t let things put us back in the closet!
  • It can be terrifying, but you need courage to stand in your authenticity

Connect with Jonathan Shuffield & Sergey Grankin

At OUTSpoken, stories are chosen by relevance to the LGBT community, on a local, national and global level.  They build their platform on a vision statement that understands that if they can encourage a dialogue that is already going on about the LGBT community in the larger scale right here in our own homes locally, that they have a better chance of creating and supporting a lasting change.

Jonathan has worked within media for over 20 years. He started a non-profit organization called “SHYNE” in 2005 that battled prejudice and discrimination through the use of the arts.  SHYNE debuted “The Concert For a Hate Free World,” a completely volunteer driven stage production with choir, orchestra and even an opening interactive film put on at The Wenatchee Convention Center in 2009. He has been an activist since coming out in an article in The Wenatchee World at 20 years old and accepting the presidency of the Wenatchee Valley College Gay-Straight Alliance a few years later. He has dreamed of this show for over a decade and is extremely excited to continue his mission to be a part of the continued growth of the LGBT community.

Sergey Grankin is a recently out Russian gay youth in the Spokane, WA community. Through struggles with his family and his sexuality, he’s been able to find his place on OUTSpoken. His background in acting and improv have been a natural support in his current position as co-host of this LGBT talk show. Sergey appreciates the opportunities for community involvement that OUTSpoken allows him as he has a great love and hope for a city, state, nation and even world filled with acceptance.  OUTSpoken continues to shape him in his new journey of life. Currently Sergey is attending Eastern Washington University with a focus on Mechanical Engineering, working on his third year of studies.







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