Episode 117: Let Diversity and Inclusion Ring! – Jessica Pettitt

117_ShowImage_Jessica_Pettit_110216The moment you discover your sexual orientation, align with your gender identity, or decide that you’re just going to take a stand to be who you are, you’ve stepped into the arena of diversity. Yup even if you’re not coming out of the closet to say “Hey there, I’m gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgender,” when you claim your truth and stand up for who you are, you own your diversity and your space on the planet. That’s when the real work begins and when you also start to battle the real demons that show up telling you that you’re not good enough.

Well buckle up because you’re good enough now and you’re about to get a earful, and lesson on being diversely you. Weaving together politics, current events, and storytelling with large doses of humor, Jessica Pettitt is a diversity educator who’s in the house with not your average insight on diversity. Which basically means she’s drawing up on years in student affairs, being a national diversity consultant, and a stand-up comic to help dissect the sometimes controversial world of diversity, inclusion and being good enough, just as you are…yourself.

Show Highlights

  • If we believe we’re good enough, we might try what’s uncomfortable
  • Is your life happening to you or are you happening to your life?
  • Politics has become a fear-based journey!
  • We are 100% responsible for how we show up in our individual relationships
  • As a culture we have become distracted from what actually matters

Connect with Jessica Pettitt

Jessica Pettitt is the “diversity educator” your family warned you about. She is easy to work with, accessible, and brings VERY simple concepts that are really hard to incorporate into our lives.  Nominated for two years by Campus Activities Magazine for Best Diversity Artist, Jessica’s programs are direct, customized, and highly interactive. Her workshops, seminars, and keynotes take participants on a journey weaving together politics, theory, current events, and storytelling with large doses of humor reminiscent of Bob Newhart, George Carlin, and Paula Poundstone. This is by no means your average diversity program!  Though participants will be laughing, she promises no drum circles, guilty tears, or finger pointing.  This will be a HIGHLY interactive program that will leave participants with actual action steps to make REAL change in their lives.  Jessica takes 10+ years in Student Affairs, 5+ years of national consulting work, and 2+ years of stand-up comedy stage to stage as part of her mission to inspire change, dismantle oppression, and recognize our privilege.  Through teaching, writing, and facilitating tough conversations, Jessica has figured out how to BE the change she wants to BE.  Now it is your turn!






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