Episode 119: Saying What We Need & Desire, Beyond Coming Out – Natalie Vartanian

119_ShowImage_NatalieVartanian_110916There’s a saying that women should be seen but not heard. Well, that’s ridiculous, archaic, and downright infuriating. It’s also that type of attitude that keeps women from saying what they desire and need, which also then creates a trickle down affect that impacts generations to come.

So let’s change the dialogue. Let’s give not only women, but everyone the opportunity to be comfortable asking for what they need and desire. No more hiding behind our fears, our pre-wired upbringings, or shame of asking for what we want. It’s time to use our voices, vocalize from a place of love, and let our needs and desires guide us into better relationships with ourselves and others. To help us position our needs and desires is dating and relationship expert Natalie Vartanian.

Show Highlights

  • What is it that women want, but men can’t seem to hear?
  • There’s a beautiful feminine energy within us – so guys get over it!
  • Women want a man that’s basically a lady with a penis?
  • To self-advocate is to also self-love
  • What you may need in life now is a little bit of self

Connect with Natalie Vartanian

Natalie Vartanian is a certified life coach, writer, and speaker. Her mission is to help people believe in love again. For the past 6 years she has worked with women from across 5 continents to help them get the sex lives and relationships they want. She teaches women how to love themselves unconditionally and show up as the feminine powerhouses they are, so that they can effortlessly have the love and relationships they yearn for deep down! Her work has been featured in elephant journal  and Good Men Project. She is also the creator of the Virtual Love Course, the Open Relationship Design eCourse and co-host of Sex the Podcast.


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