Episode 123: Coming Out & Dating Safe – Mike Domitrz

123_showimage_mikedomitrz_112316The song lyrics say, “A kiss is just a kiss.” But how true is that? What if that kiss is unwanted? Suddenly, a sense of danger or helplessness rears its ugly head and things could suddenly go awry, in much the same way many of us feel helplessness and danger in our coming out journeys to be ourselves. Yet, when we muster up the courage to say, “No you can’t treat me that way,” we become empowered. It’s a shift from being the victim to being the one in control. On the other side of the coin, when you ask permission to be with someone in a certain manner, you show respect, and you respect consent.

Leading expert on building sexual culture based on consent and respect, Mike Domitrz, settles into The Coming Out Lounge today to give us insights into how we can become a society of permission granted rather than stealing emotional well-being from others without thinking. From dating and sexual decision-making to the joys of talking and body language, we’re coming out of the closets to start asking permission before we steal unwanted kisses from others. Which in my book sounds like it’s a great way to make the world a better place.

Show Highlights

  • It comes down to is basic dignity and respect for both parties
  • In the long-term, respect is sexy (and wonderful)!
  • How is everything we do in life is a sales job?
  • You have the right to say YES or NO without feeling guilt
  • How do we become a “society of permission”?

Connect with Mike Domitrz

Mike Domitrz is known for the impact his programs, trainings, and publications have made across the world for parents, teenagers, families, educational institutions, the US military, and the media. You may have seen him as the featured expert on Dateline NBC’s, “My Kid Would Never Do That.”

Today, Mike is one of the leading experts for transforming our sexual culture to one being built on consent and respect – discussing sexual decision-making, asking first, healthy relationships, bystander intervention, and supporting survivors of sexual assault. As the brother of a rape survivor, Mike’s mission is personal.

His ability to share powerful emotional moments (both serious and hilariously funny) while giving readers and audiences realistic “How To” SKILLS to implement in their lives is what separates Mike’s message from other experts and authors. Mike is an author with an unique combination of Provocateur and Advocate who captivates readers throughout his books.

ABOUT: “Can I Kiss You?”

Mike Domitrz is one of the leading experts for transforming our sexual culture to one being built on consent and respect. For over two decades, educators, military, families, colleges and individuals of all have sought out Mike and his impactful programs and speaking engagements.

Everyone; people of all ages, genders, sexual orientations and socioeconomic backgrounds, need to hear the challenging and life-changing message in his just released book, Can I Kiss You?

Can I Kiss You? is a fun, helpful journey revealing the faults of body language, the joys of talking, the serious impact of wrongful behaviors, how to EXPECT RESPECT from your partners throughout all facets of a relationship, how to help your family and friends, and much more! Best of all, you are going to gain realistic skills you will have fun using in your life and sharing with those you love (both children and adults).

This insightful book full of candid advice, real-life scenarios, and interactive exercises is revolutionizing each person’s approach to dating & building respect – all while helping address the reality of sexual assault in today’s culture, including how to intervene to help others.

While most people simply “make their move” on a date, Mike Domitrz reveals why asking first makes all the difference.




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