Episode 124: Man-To-Man. Gay Dad to Gay Dad. Our Lives Post Presidential Election – Jay Forte

It’s no secret that America’s recent Presidential Election sent got a lot of us scratching our heads, saying, “What the FUCK just happened?” And for others it sent a cry of jubilation across the country because they feel like their voices finally got heard. Regardless of which camp you stand in, at least for now, Donald Trump is our President-Elect and for most marginalized individuals – Latinos, African Americans, Muslims, Asians, Women, and the LGBTQ community – confusion, uncertainty, and fear are very prevalent in our hearts, minds, and souls.

Rather than hibernating, hiding, and becoming victimized, it’s time to do some soul searching, and banding together to make the planet a better place for all concerned. And how do you do that? Well my friend and guest today, Jay Forte and I are going to share our perspectives and gay parents and gay men on how this new world we woke up to on November 9th affects us, our relationships, our families, and our work as coaches who work very hard to bring lightness to the world.

About Jay:

Jay Forte, MBA, CPC, ELI-MP, is a business and motivational speaker, certified CEO, family and leadership coach, author and nationally ranked Thought Leader. He provides talent, strength-based and mindfulness tools to help people discover, develop and live what is best in them to achieve exceptional personal and professional results, and trains organizations how to run exceptional businesses.

He is the author of Fire Up! Your Employees and Smoke Your Competition, and The Greatness Zone – Know Yourself, Find Your Fit, Transform the World.

When not teaching, coaching CEOs, helping today’s parents help get their kids ready for life, he writes, gardens and cooks (as any good Italian) in Ft Lauderdale, FL.

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