Episode 125: B-Out, B-You, Shift Your Coming Out Script – Mark Willett

125_markwillet_showimageOne of the things we all need as we come out to be our true selves – regardless of our sexual orientation – is a safe, welcoming space. Often that comes in the form of a community of like-minded individuals. But too often, even in our own communities, we find that we don’t fit in and we start to once again play into the expectations of others, and we lose that individuality that we all so passionately yearn for in our souls. So let’s change that expectation, be ourselves, and enter the quest to find a community that feeds us in a healthy manner. But where do you find that? On an app of course!
B-Out is an app that is building and fostering a community that gives each of us the space to meet people, speak our minds with confidence, and have lots of fun. Their goal is to organize, debate, commiserate, and make change through people, shared experiences, and a common ambition. They believe we need one another for leadership, support, inspiration, and to laugh. Using the app as a social medium, they accept and encourage all points of view from within the LGBTQ community as long as they are not offensive. So, let’s go explore what Mark Willett, Co-Founder and CEO of B • OUT is up to for our community.

Show Highlights

  • We need to talk to each other beyond just who is attracted to who
  • The #LGBT community has been splintered in recent years
  • The app focuses on opening that communication from 1-to-1 to 1-to-many
  • Success is in the journey!
  • It helps to take a little personal leap of faith when making decisions

Connect with Mark Willett

Mark Willett is a Co-Founder and CEO of B • OUT. An entrepreneur seeking a fundamental shift in the script of LGBTQ culture, B • OUT is Mark’s brainchild. He has traveled the world and paid witness to the incredible diversity of our global LGBTQ community and believes the time has come for us to reconnect with our roots and work toward a more perfect future—together. Mark lives in New York City.






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