Episode 129: Coming Out, Coming Back to Spirituality – Bobbi Becker

129_showimage_bobbibecker_121416As wise man once said, “Coming out is one of the most spiritual experiences a human being can ever have!” Yet, in that process, many LGBTQ individuals find themselves disconnected from their religion, faith, and inner self. Out of shame and religious condemnation, many find themselves walking away from faith, church, and even spirituality, at a time when love and acceptance is all they need. So, how do you reconcile, find your center, and realign with your spiritual self on the other side of the closet doors? You create a new pathway to spirituality.

My guest today is a minister at InSpirit Center for Spiritual Living in Orange County California. After a tumultuous ride on her own coming out Journey, Bobbi Becker continues to find peace and insights for living a spiritually aligned life. Drawing upon her own experiences, practices, and her Masters in Conscious Studies, she now helps others find pathways for rekindling their relationship with their own spirituality, thus raising the consciousness of the planet.

Show Highlights

  • Others have to come to their own understanding of things!
  • People are not willing to just watch injustice happen (there is a lot more courage now)
  • We all want the things that make happiness more accessible…
  • There is so much misinformation our there and Bobbi tells us where parents usually get it from
  • How do you reconcile your faith & religion & find your spiritual self?

Connect with Bobbi Becker

Reverend Bobbi Becker is an assistant minister at InSpirit, Center for Spiritual Living in Orange County. She is a graduate of California State University Long Beach with a degree in journalism and public relations, graduate studies in communications, and a masters in consciousness studies from the Centers for Spiritual Living — School of Spiritual Leadership.

In 2014, she retired from a corporate career to pursue a passion for ministry. Prior to her retirement, she enjoyed a 27-year career as a manager at the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California in Los Angeles with experience managing at all levels within the organization of diverse programs including public relations, business outreach, environmental compliance, and water and energy funding.

From 1993 to 2001, she was a leader in the statewide movement to promote domestic partnership benefits and build employee support groups in southern California to provide awareness of LGBT issues in the workplace. During that time, she spoke out against discrimination and negative treatment against LGBT Mormons. As a result, she was excommunicated in 1994 from the Mormon church. She spent the next two decades reconciling for herself the condemnation of the LGBT community spoken out by religious organizations using God as justification and her own internal “knowing” of this inherent contraction of love one another.

Bobbi continues to work as an advocate for the LGBTQ community through creating safe space in spiritual community with Kaleidoscope OC – Faith Leaders Affirming the LGBTQ Community.

She has a passion for speaking, teaching and coaching through spiritual practice towards individual and community wellbeing and prosperity. As well, she consults nonprofits, businesses and individuals in purposeful strategic planning and leadership. Bobbi lives in south Orange County with her wife Janine, daughter Reece, and a couple of small furry children – Berkley and Nala.




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