Episode 132: He’s A Little Bit Country, Little Bit Gay, and Completely Out – Brandon Stansell

132_brandonstansell_showimaage_122316Yes, we still live in a world where being out of the closet can mean the difference between life and death, having a job or being canned, and following your passion or being shunned by those in your industry – all because of your sexuality. Today, we focus on the later as we open the doorway to life as a “California Country” crooner who’s showing no shame about being a gay man on the Country Music scene.

While he’s not the first to navigate these waters, he is one who has found a way to bring his raw truth out into the open for all the hear – even if that raw truth is that he is a gay man, standing firm in the Nashville Country Music scene. With the release of his latest single, SLOW DOWN, Brandon Stansell, invites listeners to SLOW DOWN and embrace the life they’ve been given, using the prism of those first moments of a budding relationship as the life teacher, validating the phrase, “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear” even if that teacher is the up’s and downs of relationships we all have with one another.

Show Highlights

  • Anyone who has come out knows that life will change…
  • His family didn’t really know what to do with a gay son
  • What Brandon considered to be his support system literally fell apart
  • He’s now different person than he was – and he’s even better!
  • Love is a universal feeling, which is why his music is gender-neutral

Connect with Brandon Stansell

Brandon Stansell is a fresh face onto the Country Music scene, but has always been nearby; honing his craft and finding his voice. SLOW DOWN, co-written with Mylen and the title track off his new EP, is the epicenter of his “California Country” sound with the raw emotion of those first moments in a budding relationship. SLOW DOWN was produced by Nashville-based producer, writer, and guitarist Erik Halbig. Stansell met Erik a few years ago through friend, Ty Herndon, who is featured on the track.

While his casual country sound is appealing, there is more that meets the eye with this crooner of Nashville roots. He is navigating the path of an openly-gay Country Artist. Brandon, while not the first to chart these waters, is one of the few people in the industry willing to lay everything out for the listener and the result is an honest, beautiful musical experience.

Director Trent Atkinson, once again, joined his team directing the SLOW DOWN music video and building on the cinematic scope their first collaborative work, DEAR JOHN, which was released in early 2016.

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