Episode 134: 2017 Coming Out Mantras, Intentions, & Goals – Just a Few of My Favorite Things – Rick Clemons

Coming Out Coach Rick ClemonsIt’s inevitable. The year comes to an end and the new one starts. Just like clockwork, or should we say calendar work. So what do we do? We celebrate the old and ring in the new. Then of course we – most of us – set resolutions or goals, and off to the races we go for the new year.

Instead of recapping the year, even though I love all of my listeners from across the globe, I’d rather leave you with something on the eve before New Year’s Eve that you might find helpful as you look ahead to 2017. I call it my intention project. Instead of goals or resolutions, I set intentions. During this podcast you’ll hear why I do this, and how it can be a very effective tool for getting what you desire from life.

Here’s what’s in store for those of you ready to hit 2017 in a new way…

  • Learning the difference between goals and intentions
  • Uncover how mantras, quotes, and words of wisdom can feed you daily
  • Inside glimpse of my practices that keep me on track
  • Discover the one thing most people forget to include in their goals, resolutions, or intention setting
  • 12 ways I will live by my intentions for 2017




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