Episode 141: They Didn’t Ask, He Didn’t Tell – James Newcomb

138_ShowImage_JamesNewcombHere’s story about a military guy who had a secret. One that caused him to question his values, kept him up at night, and caused him to pretend to be someone he wasn’t. Yet, he did his duty. Lived by the expectations. Served his country, until he just couldn’t do it any longer.

From hiding to truth, the music of his soul finally won out and he came clean…but he didn’t come clean about his sexuality. Instead he came clean about his convictions and his truth. This is a coming out story that will truly surprise you and intrigue you as we journey with James Newcomb, the military music man who finally let the song of his conscious out of the closet in order to free him into being fully self-expressed as the Musicpreneur.

Show Highlights

  • James hid in the closet as a conscientious objector. What does this mean?
  • Being in the army gave him thick skin (and he doesn’t care what others think)!
  • If somebody doesn’t respect you it’s their issue, not yours…
  • What is the one most important thing to James?
  • It’s so liberating to be doing what you were meant to do!

Connect with James Newcomb

James Newcomb is the host of the Trumpet Dynamics and MusicPreneur podcasts as well as the founder of Half Steps to Success: A Musical Mastermind.







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