Episode 143: Hidden Truth of Loss & Grief – Megan Snedden

143_ShowImage_MeganSnedden_020117Just for a moment imagine you’re a highly sought after photographer, shooting for media outlets such as the BBC, BuzzFeed, National Geographic Traveler, USA Today, and Yahoo – among others. You’re even one of Maria Shriver’s Architects for Change. But behind it all, you’re hiding in a closet of pain, loss, and grief…yet no one knows the truth until you come out with it.

It’s time to un-closet the truth and let the world see what you’re hiding in your own world of adversity, loss and despair. But why? What will it gain you to be so transparent, and forthcoming? Possibly your own sanity and ability to help others find their way out of some of the darkest moments of their life. Megan Snedden takes us on the adventure of her life, her trials, and her ability to transcend despair as we dive into a closet that has nothing to do with sexual orientation but one that is still filled with fear and anxiety…the closet of closeted grief.

Show Highlights

  • There’s this culture in America of the winner who “conquers the mountain”
  • People do want help with grief, they just don’t know how to get it
  • What does Megan say is the hardest thing you will ever do as you come out?
  • Despair can literally swallow you…

Connect with Megan Snedden

Megan Snedden is a travel storyteller and photographer whose words and photos have appeared in publications like BBC, USA Today, and National Geographic Traveler. On her journey through adversity, she helps people who’ve gone through loss overcome the despair of grief to rediscover their zest for life through play and adventure at MeganSnedden.com.





























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