Episode 146: Uncloseted Riffs and Rants: Let Curiosity Be Your Guide – Rick Clemons

Coming Out Coach Rick ClemonsIf I had never been curious, I might never have come out of the closet.
If I had never been curious, I wouldn’t have risked becoming an entrepreneur
If I had never been curious, I never would have said, “Welcome to The Coming Out Lounge!”

For me, curiosity brings me alive. In fact curiosity brought me to life two days ago when a friend of mine, Mike Domitrz invited me to be on his new podcast – Everyday Mindfulness Show – to talk about curiosity, which in turn sparked my interest to riff and rant about it today on the podcast.

Curiosity serves us well, and helps us get the answers to the questions we seem to confront in life. It also helps us stay motivated, and moving through life, if we let curiosity propel us forward. So that’s where we are headed today…to be curious, curious, curious.

What you’ll discover today…

  • 3 Ways Curiosity Can Serve You
  • What Curiosity Did For My Life and Coming Out
  • The One Question You Should Ask Yourself For Keeping Your Curiosity Alive




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