Episode 151: Messages From The Playground – Chris Tompkins

151_ShowImage_ChrisTompkins_030117From baseball to ballet. Video games to theater productions. First picked to last picked. And even from “A’s to F’s” we are who we are because of messages we received on the playgrounds of our lives. Messages that impact our spiritual ability to accept who we are and to thrive in the possibility of who we are meant to be. Yet at the deepest level, regardless of where the messages stem from, we have the strength to take full responsibility for living empowered, fully expressed lives.

Chris Tompkins takes these Messages From The Playground and crafts them into thought provoking journeys as a speaker, teacher, writer, and spiritual counselor who advocates on behalf of the LGBT community. He’s on a mission of healing the planet of its homophobic ailments before they even need a prescription.

Show Highlights

  • Chris reminds us that no matter who we are, we all played on the same playground
  • A book propelled him on a journey for his internalized homophobia
  • So, what should you do if you think there should be a “straight pride” parade?
  • Shame makes you shut down, deny, or avoid something…
  • Loving ourselves is at the deepest level of the LGBT movement!

Connect with Chris Tompkins

Chris Tompkins is a teacher, speaker, spiritual counselor, and LGBT “inner advocate” based in Los Angeles, CA. He believes connecting with our spirituality, loving ourselves, and taking full responsibility for our lives is where our strength lies at the deepest level of the LGBT movement.

Chris teaches youth intrapersonal development, self-empowerment, and confidence building throughout Southern California at high schools, after school programs, Big Brothers Big Sisters, LGBT Centers, and LA’s Central Juvenile Hall.

He’s a published writer and has written for the Huffington Post, the Elephant Journal, and the Good Men Project. He believes helping youth access this information at an early age can change the trajectory of their lives and get us closer to a more peaceful planet. His ultimate mission is to help heal homophobia before it begins and help to prevent bullying before it starts.





See Chris Live at TEDxDSULB, April 9th, 2017, Long Beach, California – click here!

Book Discussed In Show

You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay

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