Episode 153: The Importance Of Coming Out Stories – Kevin Gerdes

153_ShowImage_KevinGerdes_030817We’ve all got a story. A story to uncover, to share, and to help others. Each and every story has purpose. Yet, if we don’t share our stories, or ourselves, and the world doesn’t benefit, and we have less impact, being who we are meant to be in the world. So starting today, be open to the benefits of sharing your story, to sharing yourself, and being a beacon of light to others.

Today we explore the powerful, heart-wrenching, and liberating world of telling our LGBT stories. In fact, our guest today has made it one of his callings to create a podcast focused simply on people telling their LGBT Stories. Kevin is an actor, entertainer, media host who found that telling LGBT Stories is where is heart is at and now he’s launched a podcast of the same name. Listen as he shares his journey, his heart, and his passion for the art of telling LGBT Stories!

Show Highlights

  • What happens when people get scared of things they don’t understand?
  • Protesting is important, but there’s something else we can do…
  • Kevin has discovered that it’s beautiful to hear how people progress and come out of their pain!
  • It IS possible to unwire your limiting beliefs
  • When people try and knock you down, remember that there is a light in you

Connect with Kevin Gerdes

Kevin Gerdes lives in Hollywood, CA and is the host of the hit podcast “LGBT Stories” where he invites guest on his show to tell their coming of age stories, coming out stories, and other impactful events that shaped their lives.

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