Episode 163: A Mother's Love Proves, Love is Love – Ellen Bekier

163_ShowImage_EllenBekier_0412147Her daughter always caught the boy’s eyes. In return, she knew how to flirt, date, and do everything a normal young lady would do growing up. She was active in school, a social butterfly, and pretty much your average kid. College came and then so did a new development and we’re not talking anything hormonal. But you’ll just have to listen to get the rest of the story.

Today, I bring a dear friend and fellow PFLAG Speaker to the airwaves with me to share her loving and beautiful story of being a Mom. Not just any Mom, but a Mom who understands the beauty of letting your children blossom into themselves, their way, and flourish. She’s a supportive Mom, Ally to the LGBTQ Community, awesome PFLAG speaker, and someone I am truly honored to call friend.

Show Highlights

  • Her daughter never had that connection like she did with her first female-to-female kiss
  • There’s beauty in letting your children blossom into themselves and flourish
  • Find out from Ellen what the true job of being a parent is…
  • If you stay hidden, you are not being your true self
  • Just step out and say “this is me”!

About Ellen

Ellen is a loving Wife, celebrating 40 years of marriage; an awesome Mother to three grown children, two girls and a boy ages 30 – 35; and a woman who is passionate about people be themselves and life their way. Her Jewish heritage has guided her to fully embrace the beauty of diversity, which also supported her on her own coming out journey as her daughter Bree came out of the closet. Ellen is the co-President of the South Orange County California PFLAG Chapter, a proud LGBTQ advocate and frequent speaker for PFLAG on the Southern California College and University speaking circuit. She lives life fully and is an avid travel enthusiast ready to take flight whenever the opportunity presents itself.




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