Episode 171: When All Else Fails…Be The LGBT News – John M. Livelsberger

171_ShowImage_JohnLivelsberger_051017Imagine living in a town that is literally for all intents and purposes a suburb of Chicago. There’s only one twist…it’s in Indiana. A state where individuals can be fired from jobs for being gay. A state where an evangelical Christian was elected governor and now is the nation’s Vice President. A man who as a ‘leader’ would rather use the Christian Bible to interpret state and federal laws, than state or federal constitutions; a ‘leader’ that was directly responsible for the Indiana’s worst ever HIV outbreak. You gotta stop and question, how do you start to be a voice for the marginalized LGBTQ population in Indiana and in a small suburb of Chicago known as Michigan City, Indiana.

Well, you become that voice. You start that website. You become that news source. Today’s guest, John Livelsberger, along with his husband Chris have made it their mission to be a beacon in the little corner of Indiana…The Beacon by OUT in Michigan City…and this is their story!

Show Highlights

  • Take a stand – do something in your own community!
  • He didn’t have examples, and says we all need someone to look up to – especially kids in rural areas
  • Dual living will eventually tear you down…
  • It’s been a hard journey at times for John, but he wouldn’t change a thing
  •  If you are true to yourself then you’ve lived the very best life you can

Connect with John M. Livelsberger

John Martin Livelsberger along with his husband Chris own the website “The Beacon by OUT in Michigan City.” Northwest Indiana’s only LGBT news source. John has made it his mission to make sure that the LGBT community on Northeast Indiana will always know how their lives are affected by state and federal legislatures. John and Chris proudly live in Michigan City, Indiana with their two pugs, Wrigley and Baxter, two senior dogs Dylan and Nicholas and two stray cats that took the couple for bleeding heart liberals. John is always holding out for the hope that his fiercely independent daughter, Marissa will one day move back home.





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