Episode 173: Live Your Out Truth Or Go To Hell – Alfreda Lanoix

173_ShowImage_AlfredaLanoix_051717Let’s be honest. A majority of us in the LGBTQ world have been told, “You’re going to hell for living that lifestyle.” Oh yeah? Well, who are you to judge and cast stones. But yet, maybe they’re right, or very, very wrong.

For all the biblically-based, Christian ideology that fly across pulpits every Saturday and Sunday, depending on your faith, there’s just one flaw. Most of them leave LGBTQ folk feeling increasingly unfulfilled, and ultimately like a hypocrite and imposter. After all, how else would you feel living a life that isn’t your true life.

Well buckle up and get ready for a ride because audacious, irreverent, loving, and compassionate Rev. Freda is in the Coming Out Lounge today taking us to the party, the pulpit, the wake, and back to the party of being one’s own self, even if that means you go to hell and back to live your truth! We’ll be practicing Love@work, visiting the SheSpot, and talking a stroll wherever two sassy scrappers can go when you put us together in The Coming Out Lounge.

Show Highlights

  • Hear how this guest tried to bury and ignore her true self to meet society’s expectations
  • Alfreda began to take accountability and stopped playing the blame game
  • Most of us are driven, but do you know what is driving you?
  • Remember, we teach others how to treat us by how we treat ourselves…
  • You are exactly who you are, perfect in every way!

Connect with Alfreda Lanoix

YellowCakeAlfreda “Freda” Lanoix, author of “Go to Hell,” a radical lover of yellow cake with chocolate frosting, and is as irreverent and audacious as her new book. Fearlessly truthful and extraordinarily insightful, she views the world through a multi-faceted lens of laughter and self-examination. Due to the amount immense coverage of “Go To Hell,” she recently founded the “Wake The Hell Up” Movement which is evoke the gift of consciousness. She travels the globe giving lectures, workshops as well as engaging in panel discussions. She unapologetically reveals her truth of her journey from the pulpit to the heart. Rev. Freda has appeared on LOGO Network’s special entitled “True Lives” as well as the documentary “Finding God In The City Of Angels.” She also has made guest appearances on several radio programs as an expert. Her passion is for everyone to experience the freedom of living outside the box.





Alfreda’s Book, Go To Hell

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