Episode 175: The Art Of Coming Out & Active Networking – Mark E. Sackett

175_ShowImage_MarkESackettBefore you go knocking on the closet door, you might want to consider, NETWORKING. Yes, NETWORKING. In other words, finding some like type folks who’ve been down the road your about to embark upon, before you dive headlong into the life you’re meant to be living.

As crazy as it sounds, NETWORKING, is a key activity of success in your coming out journey. Finding an inner circle that gets you, your desires, and the outcomes you wish to experience in life. Doesn’t matter if you’re coming out to say your gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgender, or if you’re laying it on the line at a networking event to say, “I’m stuck in my business and I can’t get up!” When you find your circle, your peeps, the ones who really get you, you can do anything!

My friend and networking guru Mark Sackett joins me today to share how networking, real networking and connecting can help you in your journey out of whatever closets you might find yourself in now and in the future.

Show Highlights

  • Mark gives us a practical exercise we can use in giving to others
  • It’s simple. Find the common ground, trust & let the other person feel safe…
  • He’s often critical of things, but this guest uses his voice for the better good
  • Find out how Mark meets 300 people every week – and remains authentic
  • Struggle is universal, and gives us all common ground

Connect with Mark E. Sackett

Mark E. Sackett has no plans to sit still anytime soon. He owns 13 related creative businesses, lives in San Francisco and in seat 3E on United Airlines. He thrives on being inventive daily as he works in Entertainment, Media, Branding, Advertising, Print, Packaging, Identity, Graphic Design, Interactive/On-Line and Website Design, Film Production, Music, Concert Production/ Events, and Television. He has been a Graphic Designer/Director/Producer for over 38 years with more than 1500 awards to his credit. Mark consults with CEOs, Venture Capitalists, Brand Owners, and Entrepreneurs around the world to grow their brands, investments, companies, and profits.

He thrives on meeting and doing business with those who do things right: by caring about people, animals, and our planet! He understands well that money is not always the primary driver to success and that relationship and reputation are. Mark knows his stuff and can navigate complex problems and help clients arrive at workable and creative solutions. He loves wine, mixology, plays the drums, is an avid collector of books, antique paper, photography, and life experience!

He loves nothing more than sitting with folks, learning about them, and sharing his creative life and ideas by wandering around—Instagraming and dipping his toe into something new so he can constantly learn new things and absorb new images, tastes, sounds, and experiences.

Most of all, Mark hopes to connect with you and more importantly to energize you toward the notion that you too can live a more creative, passionate, exciting life!







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