Episode 179: Your story is your story – Christopher Brune-Horan

179_ShowImage_ChristopherBruneHoran_060717We’ve all got a story. It’s our story. The good, the bad, and the ugly, but it’s still our story. Too often though, we are afraid to tell our story, to share our truth. However, the reality is, our story is our truth and the foundation that should and can enable us to stand taller, and be our unique self in the world. And besides, who doesn’t enjoy a good story…even if the good story is full of some ugly parts.


Master storyteller, writer, playwright, and just a sweetheart of a guy, Christopher Brune-Horan, joins the coming out lounge today to share his story, and his talent for telling your story in a way that connects people to you, so that even if coming out of the closet scares the crap out of you, you can still tell your story and stand tall and proud.

Show Highlights

  • How do you you get to see the effect your story has on other people? Start by sharing…
  • Growing up this guest never told anyone he was gay, but others told him all the time
  • Every success Christopher has had on stage was from him being 100% authentic!
  • Are you willing to be honest & truthful to tell your story?
  • Step out and step towards where you’re going!

Connect with Christopher Brune-Horan

Christopher Brune-Horan is a Los Angeles based writer, storyteller, and playwright.  His work celebrates the uniqueness of the LGBTQ experience and explores the common threads that connect us all.


His published essays and articles can be found on the Huffington Post, Nerve, and McSweeney’s Internet Tendency. 


Last year Christopher workshopped different pieces with “Play-Collaborative Arts Venue” in LA’s Downtown Art’s District and his ten-minute play “New American Parents” was produced by Tiny Rhino Productions.  He is currently working on the extended version of the same piece.  He had the pleasure to study under playwright Luis Alfaro through the Oregon Shakespeare Festival last spring in San Francisco.


Christopher apprentices with 3-time Moth Grand Slam winner Cole Kazdin and solo-performer Lauren Weedman.  He’s performed his writing at The Moth, Tasty Words, Tattle Tales, Tell It, Story Worthy and was 1 of 10 local writers selected for The Story Pad’s 2016 Story Lottery.


He created, produces and hosts “Bada Bing Bada Boom – True Stories Told For Cash”, a popular monthly storytelling event in West Hollywood that features local performers, writers and artists.  His work is included in “Get Jobbed”, a coffee-table book that features his story published in McSweeney’s popular segment “People With Strange and Unusual Jobs”.  He was recently featured on Suzanne Yeagley’s “You Got Jobbed” podcast; one of many podcasts that has showcased his work.


Christopher sits on the Board of Director’s for Inspire Spiritual Community, a LGBTQ non-profit spiritual center in Los Angeles.  His work in the community not only nourishes his soul, it keeps his momentum as an activist moving forward at a steady pace.  He is also on the Los Angeles Sheriff’s LGBTQ Advisory Board and currently in the process of building a storytelling workshop curriculum to be brought to inmates in the Los Angeles County Jail. 


He married his husband Jesse Brune Horan in 2014 and they live in Los Angeles with their son Kaidon and their dog Bodhi.




Inspire Spiritual Community


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