Episode 184: It’s Ok. Go Be You! – Scott Kirkendall

There comes a point where denying your inner essence leads you to a space of discovering, embracing, and giving yourself permission to be the real you. Is it painful? Hell yes. Is it worth it? Oh, hell, hell yes. But before you can get to that point, you have to go through a transition. A life transition that takes pieces of yourself and rearranges them into the you, the real you, so that you can GO BE YOU.

Joining me today is Scott Kirkendall, a guy who realized to be himself, it was going to require a transition. Leaving behind, the constructs of what it meant to be the person he’d known from birth, her ate his own dogfood and told himself – “Go be you!”

Show Highlights

  • He wasn’t being heard. He couldn’t be. Hell, he was afraid to even speak up!
  • Knowing he fell on that transgender spectrum, Scott had some thinking to do…
  • A coach helped him with what he was thinking & feeling
  • Scott’s not going to lie and tell you he has no fear in being who he is
  • In the end, love will conquer hate

Connect with Scott Kirkendall

Scott is the “true you strategist” working with people making bold changes by helping them uncover, discover, and discard the things that have been holding them back from life, love, or transition turning their identity into their greatest gift while creating a life and identity they love allowing them to live empowered and purpose-filled lives.




Upcoming workshop at the Philadelphia Trans Health Conference, Saturday, September 9- “It’s your life, so BRING it! …and know what you’re bringing…”


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