Episode 187: Trans…More Than Just A Life Transformation, It’s A Life – Addison Rose Vincent

There’s a lot of talk these days about the Trans community…Transgender, Transsexual, Trans-bathrooms…you name it! Trans, trans, trans, has got conversations stirred up all over the globe. Which leads to the question, “Why all the hubbub?”

To help us understand, the answer to that question is Addison Rose, Lead Advocate for Pride United a non-profit designed to support LGBTQIA+ survivors of violence through advocacy. Joins us for a stimulating and information dive into why LGBTQIA advocacy is still a pertinent dialogue as well as learning new forms of pronoun use to make others feel most comfortable in their own skin as visitors to this planet simply having a human experience.

Show Highlights

  • Hear how growing up they were forced into a rigid (and masculine) role
  • Addison gives the real scoop on sexual orientation and gender identity
  • We really need to unlearn the stigma of what trans people are (and aren’t)
  • It’s our job to be visible & to be out to show people that they aren’t alone!
  • There are after effects LGBTQIA people will have when faced with childhood trauma

Connect with Addison Rose Vincent

Addison Rose Vincent (they/them pronouns) is 24 years old, transfeminine genderqueer, Canadian, and a local LGBTQIA+ activist. They are the Lead Advocate for Pride United, a program in Van Nuys dedicated to LGBTQIA+ survivors of sexual violence, domestic violence, and child maltreatment. Addison also serves as the Youth Member of the Los Angeles Trans Advisory Council, the Co-Founder and Referral Services Director of TransHaven LA, a HuffPost Queer Voices contributor, the Social Media Manager for the Intersex & Genderqueer Recognition Project, a member of the Trans Right to Healthcare at St. John’s Well Child & Family, a Brand Ambassador for APAIT’s “Status is Sexy” HIV Awareness campaign, and a candidate for Mx. Gay Pride LA 2017.

About Pride United

Pride United is a new program at Strength United that supports LGBTQIA+ survivors of violence through advocacy (direct services and support for survivors who call the hotline, come in for exams/interviews, and seek counseling services or referrals) and education (workshops and educational events that help our staff, counselors, advocates, and local community better understand LGBTQIA+ identities).

Addison’s Website

Pride United Website

Pronoun Sheet

About Pride United

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