Episode 191: Just Let Him Play. Just Let Him Be – G. Nigel Moya

So often we get told to “Man up,” or “Act like a lady,” or “Quit being such a cry baby.” All words that cut like a knife, and often times scar us for life. And once the scar is there, it never really goes away, even with the best plastic surgery, the memory of how that scar got inflicted, remains…but it doesn’t have to rule our lives.

Roll forward to present day and think to yourself, what scars are you still hiding in your closets, that need to be healed. That need to be brought out, so that you can play. Today’s guest, Nigel Moya shares a powerful story of learning to play, and where that journey has taken him so that he could step powerfully out of his closets, to live a rich full life.

Show Highlights

  • Nigel admits that he developed a protective shield and he never really got close to anybody
  • He shares his biggest challenge around coming out to the world
  • Abundance is really all there is, but it’s about so much more than money…
  • You don’t have to believe in magic – if you’re happy & excited you will attract the same
  • You are ENOUGH!

Connect with Nigel

Transformational speaker, trainer, and coach, Nigel Moya is a leading expert in helping people and organizations create success and abundance through wisdom. He inspires people to shift their paradigms, experience themselves as creators of their reality, and play a much bigger, powerful game in life while actualizing their dreams.

Nigel’s journey as a coach began when, after years of living an unfulfilling life, feeling lost and hopeless, he sought the guidance of a life coach. Due to his personal experience and transformation, he knew that he was called to give to others what he received. He became an International Coach Federation Certified Coach and went on to obtain many other certifications in his pursuit of mastery.

From his multilingual and multicultural competence to his diverse experiences from serving tables to serving on and coaching executive boards, Nigel has developed a reputation for providing unique and out-of-the-box perspective that inspires and motivates change from the inside out. Nigel believes that everyone deserves to live a life of Joy, Purpose and Passion and that he’s here to be a catalyst for the world to experience that shift.


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