Episode 202: Uncloseted Riffs & Rants – Raw Honesty – Rick Clemons

Coming Out Coach Rick ClemonsI have to be honest. Being honest was one of the hardest things I ever learned to do. Ok, maybe I haven’t mastered the full art of it yet, but for the most part I’ve learned that raw honesty trumps (not to be confused with 45) fake honesty any day. Yet, one of the things we humans can’t stand at times is when someone is rawly honest with us. Not in a bitchy, hurtful way, but in a raw, tell it like it is, what’s good for you way.

So why is that? It’s simple. Because we haven’t mastered the art of raw honesty with ourselves. Once you can master that – like I did when I got honest with myself about being gay – you can start to be raw and honest with yourself about a lot of other things, and learn the tactful art of raw honesty with others. Today we explore the tree steps to raw honesty. Honestly, we do!




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